Idea For every project we take ‘the feeling’ as a starting point. The story you want to tell your customer, how he or she should experience your product and what the objective is that you want to achieve. Patents & Design will focus on the core of the above and moves you in the right direction. Tailor-made products that strengthen your message and sustain your brand recognition. UNDER
CONSTRUCTION  Concept It is the ultimate challenge for Patents & Design to bring all ideas, wishes and stories together so that every part fits together and form an inspiring concept. This concept is the foundation on which all other elements like design, imagery, identity and functionality can be built. It will result in a concept that can be used as a guide for a promotion campaign which suits your corporate identity perfectly.
 Design Patents & Design goes beyond standard solutions and styling. The Experience and Feeling of the story is what matters. This story will be translated towards the final concept and design. Main aim is to achieve your goal. We are able to manage this process for you, based on our experience and international network. During the whole process we cooperate with leading designers, technical specialists and manufacturers that meet our high standards.
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